Aktuelle Informationen zur Gutscheinlösung

Current information on voucher redemption

In order for you to be able to attend concerts, theater, cabarets, musical, shows and sport events soon again, the federal government has decided on a new law on April 28th, which ensures the diversity of our event offers. You can find frequently asked questions on voucher redemption below.

1. What is the voucher redemption?

A new law – KuKuSpoSiG – has been passed for tickets of events that cannot take place due to the COVID-19 pandemic. A voucher can be issued, instead of refunding the price of the ticket. You can find further information on this decision here.

2. Why was the law passed?

The federal government has two goals for this law: Firstly, to protect a total loss of money on the ticket prices of customers, as many organizers receive protection from insolvency due to the high pre-investments in an event. Secondly, this law enables the postponement of events as well as the new planning of such and sustains the diversity of event-culture in Austria.

3. What events does this law apply to?

The law applies to all events that would have occoured in 2020 and did not take place due to COVID-19. It also applies to further prohibitions that can be imposed throughout the year 2020, until 31.12.2020. The law is also valid in retrospect for affected events from 13.03.2020.

4. Where can I see if my event was cancelled or posponed?

You can see the current status of an event here.

5. The event, for which I have tickets for was posponed. What are my options?

The tickets are valid for the posponed date and do not have to be returned or transferred. If the buyer is not able to attend the alternative date, then he/she can request a voucher from the organizer for that particular event. In case of a postponed event, the deadline for issuing a voucher is according to the AGB of the organizer.

6. The event, that I have tickets for was cancelled. What does that mean?

If an event is cancelled without an alternative date, then the organizer can issue a voucher instead of trefunding the ticket price. You can obtain the voucher from the same vendor platforms from which you purchased your ticket: You will receive the voucher by email for tickets that have been purchased online. You can obtain the voucher in ticket offices upon presenting your original ticket on site.

7. How long will I be able to redeem my voucher and what happens after?

A voucher from the respective organizer can be redeemed until 31.12.2022. After the end of this period, a payment of the outstanding amount of the voucher can be requested.

8. Is the voucher transferable and for what events can I redeem it?

The voucher is transferrable and can be redeemed for all events of the affected organizer.

9. What happens if the new price for my event is lower or higher than the value of my voucher?

The voucher is seen as a payment method: If the new ticket price is lower than the original price, then the residual value remains on the voucher. If the new ticket price is higher, then the outstanding balance must be paid additionally during the new order.

10. Do I receive one voucher per order or for every single ticket of my order?

The vouchers are issued per ticket and cover the individual price of a ticket.; hence you would receive 3 vouchers for 3 tickets, that can be redeemd for shows of the respective organizer.

11. What amount will my voucher be issued on?

The voucher will be issued up to a ticket value (value printed on the ticket) of 70€. If this amount is exceeded, then the remaining amount up to 250€ will be paid out. You will again receive a voucher for the exceeding amount of 250€, provided that this is what the organizer wants.

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